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2015-11-10 09:48:42 by bassfiddlejones

Playlist of win!


we WON!

@joshgawaldomusic and I have conquered teh newgrounds

NGADM 2015 was a blast. It was our first time competing, and we'll definitely be back.



2009 - @blackhole12

2010 - @Buoy (SBB at the time)

2011 - @proudaardvark

2012 - @Kor-Rune

2013 - @johnfn

2014 - @garlagan

2015 - (us!)

This list was surpirsingly hard to google - @Step did I miss anyone? (I had to go back to the Supersteph54 days) about a massive collab? Mwahaha

(we might have to bring a few of you back from the grave, lol)

Well, joshgawaldomusic and I made it into the final round of the NGADM! We're up against @midimachine who has been crushing it. This is our first year competing, so I'm pretty excited that we've made it this far. I think we’ve improved a lot over these last two months – this is really our first time writing music together (or at all in my case) in about 5 years. We’re both dads now and time is really hard to find, but I think because of that our approach to writing has become a lot more focused. I’d say our production quality has gone up as well, and we’re stretching out of our comfort zones.


As a side note…. I got a little goodie in the mail today.



Things are about to get epic!


2015-08-23 12:19:33 by bassfiddlejones

Really digging this year's submissions. If you want to hear mine check it out!

Also, @camoshark keeps a nice list as it goes on, check out his news post for more. Good luck everyone!



2014-09-04 01:12:59 by bassfiddlejones

Got some new tunes that have been flowing lately. My most recent features a pennywhistle and a geetar, if you want to check it out.


I'm actually kind of proud of this one!

98, 99......

2014-08-30 12:55:52 by bassfiddlejones

Who shall take the honorable title of Fan 100?! 

It's been awhile.

2014-08-18 02:02:34 by bassfiddlejones

So, I'm back... sort of. I'm writing new music, at least, and it feels good.


2013-12-09 11:25:10 by bassfiddlejones

So what is it that keeps you guys writing music? Is it for yourself, for other people to listen to it? 


2013-11-21 20:11:38 by bassfiddlejones

You guys watching any good shows?

Asylum (updated)

2013-09-18 12:35:35 by bassfiddlejones

Hey guys! Finally updated my second NGMT piece, Asylum. I think it turned out waaayyy better than it was. I added some more electronic elements, a lot of bass, and made the build way bigger than it was, providing a discernible climax. Give a listen and let me know what you think!


2013-08-21 05:06:01 by bassfiddlejones

So, I'm in the middle of revisiting some older works of mine, specifically Asylum, a piece that I did for a contest not too long ago. We were given three days to complete it, so my production and composition suffered. I'm trying to take some criticism I received and make this thing epic. I hope it turns out well!

I'm also looking forward to hearing the next round of submissions for the NGADM. A good time, indeed. Look for an update with the updated version of Asylum coming (hopefully) soon!