2013-12-09 11:25:10 by bassfiddlejones

So what is it that keeps you guys writing music? Is it for yourself, for other people to listen to it? 


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2013-12-09 18:39:19

Hm - its not easy to answer that question. I think there are a lot of different aspects i love when i am composing:

* in my oppinion music in general is just the most exciting thing on the face of the earth.

* When listening to good music or making a track i just feel at one with the world ... there is no feeling comparable.

* i am always curious what result will come out. No joke - when i start something i have got absolutely no idea where this will lead to :D Thats also the reason why i often had to notice that i have composed the whole night without noticing ... but those birds in the morning are getting so darn loud ...

* i want to understand more about music in general. So i wanna check out just any styles and genres. Maybe someday with enough experience i will be able to find a new style. I also find it good to get a feeling how music forms transformed over the centuries to finally become what they are today.

* Also to understand the pieces that i love is an important thing for me to compose. I want to understand how the composer might have felt when he did his work and why several ideas came into his mind at a certain point of the piece.

* Music is a communicative thing. Much can be talked. More can be expressed with music - concerning the emotions.

* Music is relaxing. To focus on the sound you wanna create is just wonderful. It helps me recover from the stress out there in my other life.

* I want to break my limits - with each piece that i create.

* i am always happy if i see that people listen and download my stuff or use it for a movie or whatever. Its always nice to know that there are people out there who enjoy what you have done - especially if you recognize how much free and good stuff is out there.

* i want to leave something personal when i will have to leave this world someday. When i think of my children and grandchilds who maybe listen to some music you have created ... ok ... i know i am very nostalgic :D

* i want to bring people into another world when they take the time and listen to the music i have written. Music is a great way to let your imagination and fantasy float.

* music brings order into my mind.

Ok. Maybe that has been a lot now. But that was all that came into my mind. Interesting question - didnt really think about it that deeply until now. Thanks for the entry my friend!

bassfiddlejones responds:

All fantastic reasons, all of which I share in some degree as well. I really look up to you in a lot of ways as a composer!


2013-12-09 18:59:34

Challenge and want to become like those awesome composer.

bassfiddlejones responds:

I feel that way as well.


2013-12-14 07:41:20

Frankly? Money and fame.
Now, it's just for the hell of it.

bassfiddlejones responds:

I used to want money and fame, haha. Not on my priority list these days! (I mean, enough money to live would be nice but I doubt music will do that for me)


2013-12-16 15:19:37

It just sorta happens. I get music ideas in my head and I want those ideas to exist in audible form.

bassfiddlejones responds:

Fair enough!


2013-12-26 14:02:07

To share it with others, and especially to share the love of Christ with others. But you share this desire as much as I do! : )

bassfiddlejones responds:

I do indeed, it drives everything!


2014-02-08 22:36:30

Its certainly for other people more than for me. I enjoy what I make because other people enjoy it with me. Every download means another person likes what you did enough to perhaps listen to it on a weekly or daily basis. Your song Deus Vult was brilliantly done and that's what brought me to your page. Great song.

bassfiddlejones responds:

Thanks man! Getting that kind of response is so vital for me as well. I appreciate it a lot!