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Just so you know - every time you die and respawn, the music doesn't stop and restart. It just keeps going, and adds another layer. Die a few times and this becomes a chaotic mess.

SunOh responds:

Sorry about that. I never knew that the music does that back in 2011. I never bothered to fix it :(.

Hit a bug that forced me to move infinitely downward, and I could not move left or right. My character apparently was hell bent on drowning himself.

jacobalbano responds:

This is actually a bug in flash. I don't have it at all, but one of the other guys working on the game was getting it all the time. Sorry about that!

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TL! I enjoyed your track, it gave me a "Stranger Things" soundtrack sort of feel. I think the A/B/A/B sort of progression could have benefit from a nice C section somewhere in there. It was an honor to fight with you in Round 1!

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks for the kind words, BFJ! I agree about the structuring - I could've done more with it. I'm unfamiliar with the Stranger Things OST, but I imagine the first 15 seconds or so at least fit the mood. XD Thanks again for the review! Good luck in Round 2. ^_^

Solid work LSD. Congrats on getting the highest score this round! Your production quality and musicianship has gone up significantly since the last time I've been around NG. You will be a force in this competition for sure!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you! It means a fair deal coming from you :)
I'm glad that my progress is noticable, since I've kept on doing my best to improve in the musical field, alongside my studies. Who knows, perhaps we (along with someone else) will end up in the finals together. Best of luck to you and Josh!

I'm really digging the sound design you have going on here. It's a nice stereo mix, and there's a lot to keep you interested. While this takes awhile to get started, it does homage to the original with your percussive elements. I think this is all about atmosphere, and you do a good job creating it! I really like the ritardando, it was pulled off well.

A few points to consider: The piece cuts off without letting the last note decay. Also, the ending/parts of this piece feel a little bit repetitive to me, but that's also the nature of the song that you decided to remix, so I can't fault you too much for that. I like what you have going on here man! You can definitely use the skills that you're working on in this song for a wide variety of applications. Keep up the good work!

1f1n1ty responds:

Finally someone reviews! I was starting to get concerned.
Thanks for the review. Now for a response

Sound design --> Does it count as sound design when all the synths are presets and half of the percussion samples are taken straight out of my limited library of sounds?
Stereo --> I worked super hard on that. The problem with my headphones is that stereo is really hard to hear. A sound has to be panned pretty much all the way to the left/right for me to distinctly hear it. Maybe that's why it's hard for me to hear the difference phase delay makes. :/
Long intro --> I tried to divide the track evenly between the four big sections of my remix, but I still see where you're going at. If you regard the first two sections (which is pretty much the first half) as an intro, it can seem long.
Good atmosphere --> My question for you is what you thought the atmosphere I created so well actually was :P
Good rit --> Tempo envelope, 120 to 60, 1 measure, smooth stairs curve, etc
Cut ending --> Gosh dang it. I just noticed that and now I feel sad because I'm notorious for pointing it out in other people's songs. :(
Repetitive ending --> I tried to mix it up a bit with the bongo line (does that exist) and the delayed arp thingy, but maybe it wasn't enough?

So anyway, thanks for the review! I appreciate it. :D

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Prognosis - Dr. Dragon is skeptical.

Available to do soundtracks for your game/film. PM me for details.

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