NGADM Grand Finals and a treat for me!

2015-10-30 02:22:51 by bassfiddlejones

Well, joshgawaldomusic and I made it into the final round of the NGADM! We're up against @midimachine who has been crushing it. This is our first year competing, so I'm pretty excited that we've made it this far. I think we’ve improved a lot over these last two months – this is really our first time writing music together (or at all in my case) in about 5 years. We’re both dads now and time is really hard to find, but I think because of that our approach to writing has become a lot more focused. I’d say our production quality has gone up as well, and we’re stretching out of our comfort zones.


As a side note…. I got a little goodie in the mail today.



Things are about to get epic!


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2015-10-30 23:56:50

*breaks dog in half like loaf of bread*

bassfiddlejones responds:

Extra epic