Dreams of Splendor

2013-02-03 02:22:57 by bassfiddlejones

Finally done with the contest! If you'd like to here my submission, check it out here.

Looking forward to seeing the winners!


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2013-02-03 12:25:07

I think the 4 horsemen have been chosen...

bassfiddlejones responds:

We shall see!


2013-02-04 07:37:16

Indeed, perhaps they have. I personally think that Buoy, you, deadlyfishes, and one-other-person-I-can't-remember-the-name-of have the best chances of winning. Good luck!

bassfiddlejones responds:

Don't pull yourself out of the running good sir! There were some fantastic pieces submitted I must say, best of luck to you as well!


2013-02-23 13:59:26

vanilla coke hardly tasted like vanilla at all.

bassfiddlejones responds:

Yet it is still scrumdiddlyumptious