Happy Christmas Eve!

2012-12-24 19:36:29 by bassfiddlejones

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I'll be heading out to midnight Mass soon with my family.

Also, wow, so honored that I took first in the Mac12 Christmas Contest! Thanks to everyone who participated, and congrats to all the winners! A special thanks to my awesome wife for lending me her magnificent voice :)

If you're interested in hearing the track, you can find it here.


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2012-12-24 20:30:51

It's Christmas Day on this end, so Happy Christmas in advance!
Also, I am truly happy that you won: I WANTED you to win that! Yellow and white fury for the win! x

bassfiddlejones responds:

:D Thank you friend!


2012-12-24 20:53:08

Merrier Christmas to you and your family :)

I am really happy that you have won the contest. You and your wife deserved it and I was pretty sure that an entry like this will get its edge. Again thanks for sharing this beautiful song with us.

bassfiddlejones responds:

Thank you, and happy new year! Here's hoping to take the NAC now! :) haha


2012-12-25 21:40:34

Glad you win the MAC. Nice to kick everyone else's butts.

Merry Xmas

bassfiddlejones responds:

Thanks man! lol, I liked your piece a lot as well!