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1/23/13 by bassfiddlejones

Having a super busy few days coming here. It will down to the wire with Dreams of Splendor, hoping I can get it done in time. I want to really do this contest justice.

On an unrelated note, the severe lack of ammunition in this country is really making me angry. Look, I just want to shoot some pistols in my back yard and not pay $0.50 per round for it, or $1 a round in the case of my AR. Ridiculous. Maybe someday when I make all the monies it won't matter so much, lolz.

This is all I see in my notifications. Thank you, Step.

Also, your music is pretty sweet.



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My plans for domination of Newgrounds are clearly coming along nicely.

1/28/13 bassfiddlejones responds:

Now to continue the pace, lol